FAQ: Most Common Questions

1. Is this a live event? 

 Yes, Deaf Women Online Conference is a live event. All speakers will be filming from their homes.

2. I can't watch it live. Will I be able to rewatch it at later time? 

We know that making yourself available at specific times is difficult right now. All sessions will uploaded to our website. You can binge watch the sessions, like it’s your favorite new series on Netflix. Or you can spread it out a little--doing one a day in the morning or on your lunch break, or taking some time one day a week and watching a few sessions. You'll have unlimited access to it. We encourage to gather some friends and go through it together.

3. Is there a cost to be a part of the conference? 

No. The Deaf Women Online Conference is absolutely free. However, we have the option for you if you feel led to give a donation to help cover the cost associated with putting this online event together. https://www.deafmillennial.com/give

4. Can I interact with other women who are attending the conference?

Yes! One of the best parts of any conferences is connecting with other women. We want it to be the same here - even if it may look a little different. You'll have the opportunity during the sessions to chat with other women on the live chat.

After each session there will be discussion questions that we would love you to share your thoughts on. Our hope is that the comments section for each speaker fills up with a ton of great insights, questions and engagement. 

And, who knows? The speaker just might pop in to the comments and talk it over with you! We are working on a few other surprises as well.

5. Do you know the topics/theme of the different sessions?

There will be a variety of topics. We entrust that Holy Spirit will lead these women to reach every woman watching during the Live .

6. What do I need to participate in this live conference?

Wifi and a device are the only things you will need so that you can access live video.  However, we highly recommend having your Bible (or the Bible app) and a journal with a pen with you. You will want to take notes, and we will most definitely be going through God’s Word at this retreat! 

7. What if I can't meet with friends to watch and discuss together?

We encourage you to use zoom or Facebook messenger room to watch the conference. Simply have someone share the live stream and watch it together. You'll be able to discuss the sessions as well together.  We praising God for the ability to still meet virtually. 

8. When will I get the link access to the conference?

You'll receive an email at least 1 week before the conference that provide access to the livestream. We ask that you don't share that link. If your friend haven't registered, we ask you to encourage them to do so! 

9. Who are the speakers?

 So far just to name a few: Tanya Polstra, Ashley Clark, Lexi Hill, Janet Moreno, Regina Daniels and more coming soon!


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