June 26-27th, 2020

No Theme. No Location.

No matter where you are in life, you probably have poured yourself into everyone else and everything else. Life has become crazy and the pandemic has added more to it.

There has never been a better time to take a pause - to recharge. To refill your soul and experience freedom. 

Welcome to Deaf Women Online Conference. A digital online conference for right where you are and what you need. Grab a couple of your girlfriends and get ready for a time of worship and recharge. 

Led by incredible Deaf Women from all across America. 

What to Expect?


Biblical Teaching

We have gathered together women who love God and love to  preach His Word. They are ready to pour into your heart as you go through this online conference. Grab your Bible, your friends, your coffee and get ready--His Word is in fact living and active!

Connection with others

This is meant to be a time to connect with others and we want to provide that as well! We offer chat boards on each of these sessions, plus a discussion question after each session to share with a friend. In addition, we are supporting churches who want to do this together.

Powerful worship

Experience a time of renewing and  refreshing through a unique worship experience through both American Sign Language and Live music. No matter where you are, we hope you'll just take the time turn to the Father during it.

Meet the Speakers

and more coming...

Regina Daniels

Ashley Clark

Tanya Polstra

Donna Valverde

Janet Moreno

Come back on July 12th to see all the recorded sessions.

Image by Becca Tapert

Got Questions?

Check out our FAQ page to see most commons questions and answers about Deaf Women Online Conference.

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